About K.M. West

I write stories for people who want to believe in magic and like to have their hearts broken.

I’m in the business of crafting a life I have no desire to escape from. Mom to a badass tiny woman, wife to a man who, if I were to put him in a book, would read as unrealistically perfect, and general hobby enthusiast, I spend my time balancing my work as an IT professional, gym owner, yogi, and writer.

I write to explore the universal themes behind belief and religion throughout diverse cultures, crafting heart-wrenching adventures for readers to participate in alongside one another. My hope is that these stories will open people’s hearts and expand empathy through difficulty, unique lenses, and the occasional showdown with a monster or an ancient god.

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Works (in Progress)

“Shame blossomed like stains at the heart of a dogwood bloom.”

Second place winner of the Author’s Hand Short Story Competition and set in the broader Collapse universe, this dark, coming-of-age tale forces twelve-year-old Louie to reconcile the only choices a young woman has in a world full of madness, magic, and macabre.

Genre: Spooky. (Adult, Speculative Fiction, Magic Realism, Fantasy)

Current Status: Second Place! Want to give it a peek? Read it here!

“Where things are wild, wild things will roam.”

Ander Farrow failed to fulfill his prophecy & the world ended. Now he uses his psychic powers for parlor tricks while he & his brother, Lash, kill monstrous creatures for pay. Liv might be his chance for redemption, if they—or the Creats that hunt them—don’t accidentally kill her first.

A tiny lie convinces Liv to let the Farrows join her hunt for the Overseer—a rumored oracle with the ability to find lost things. They journey through a wartorn shadow of the American South, exposed to the elements, a kaleidoscope of cultures, magic, monsters, and the macabre. The Farrows question all they were raised to believe while Liv must reconcile the horrors encountered with the discovery that there may be more to the Farrows’ madness—and to her—than she realized. But can they get to the Overseer before destiny devours them?

Where things are wild, wild things will roam… but everywhere is wild anymore.

Genre: Spooky. (Adult, Speculative Fiction, Magic Realism, Fantasy)

Current Status: In pre-release 😉

“Superstition comes easy, and bearing hallowed things.”

The second book in the Collapse Series, BEARING HALLOWED THINGS, walks the thin line between dogma and delusion. Ander must reconcile the nature of ‘gifts,’ and decide if he’s prepared to face his darkest nightmares.

Genre: Spooky. (Adult, Speculative Fiction, Magic Realism, Fantasy)

Current Status: Drafting.



I don’t know what you need to hear, but I’ll tell you this: something big is coming. As we move into the standard New Year’s resolution time frame, I want to remind you–specifically you–that you are right where you need to be to hear this message. If you want this next year (or decade) to …