About K.M. West


I’m in the business of crafting a life I have no desire to escape from. Mom to a badass tiny woman, wife to a man who, if I were to put him in a book, would read as unrealistically perfect, and general hobby enthusiast, I spend my time balancing my work as an IT professional, gym owner, yogi, and writer.

I write to explore the universal themes behind belief and religion throughout diverse cultures, crafting heart-wrenching adventures for readers to participate in alongside one another. My hope is that these stories will open people’s hearts and expand empathy through difficulty, unique lenses, and the occasional showdown with a monster or an ancient god.

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Works in Progress


If believing in something makes it real, then the survivors of the Collapse stared into the dark so long that they began to believe in some twisted, horrifying things.

The first book in the Collapse series, WILD THINGS WILL ROAM bends genres as it weaves (heavily researched) diverse and ancient traditions into our science-minded world. The story blurs the line between reality and fantasy, mentality and mental illness, and begs the reader to decide whether belief alone makes something real. Like the audience, Liv must decide whether belief is enough to save herself, let alone mankind.

“Where things are wild, wild things will roam.”

Genre: Spooky. (Adult, Speculative Fiction, Magic Realism, Fantasy)

Current Status: Editing. Preparing for Query.


The second book in the Collapse Series, BEARING HALLOWED THINGS, walks the thin line between dogma and delusion. Ander must reconcile the nature of ‘gifts,’ and decide if he’s prepared to face his darkest nightmares.

“Superstition comes easy, and bearing hallowed things.”

Genre: Spooky. (Adult, Speculative Fiction, Magic Realism, Fantasy)

Current Status: Drafting.